South Bookham SPACE
South Bookham SPACE

We continue to receive donations from benefactors to make SPACE even better.

The Leatherhead Trust kindly enabled us to buy a new Sound System and mobile mirrors, especially useful for dance and movement activities such as Zumba Fitness and parties, and a Smart Board and Projector for those holding meetings in the committee room. Waitrose Community matters donated funds to buy additional mobile mirrors. The Anchor Pub Quiz Team generously funded a Cardiac Defibrillator.

As a sports centre, SPACE is priority venue for Cardiac Defibrillators that can be easily and quickly accessed by the public in an emergency. The Cardiac Defibrillator is located in the corridor by the changing rooms. The Inner Wheel Club of Bookham and Horsley raised significant funds for improved lighting, electrics and drainage and a pressure washer for cleaning Outer SPACE.

In March 2015, MVDC approved a 20 year extension of the SPACE lease. The local council decision follows confirmation that the renovation works met all the agreed criteria, the submission of past accounts, forward financial projections and the results of a survey that demonstrates how much the community centre has grown in the three years since it was opened in January 2012. The survey, conducted in December, shows over 500 people attending the 19 different activities taking place each week at South Bookham SPACE and Outer SPACE. This includes residents of all ages; from almost 30 under 5s attending such activities as the TinyTalk to more than 100 over 60s enjoying a whole range of activities. In addition, the survey reported that about 900 local residents, mainly children under 10, came to the total of 41 parties held at SPACE during 2014. SBSL

Chair, Trevor Goul-Wheeker said, “Use of SPACE has increased by 50% and this, together with generous funding from local organisations, has made the community centre financially viable. This is great news for Bookham and will enable us to provide residents with a superb range of activities and an ideal venue for children’s parties for another 20 years.”